It’s not often that a business relationship takes over a decade to come to life, but such is the story of our relationship with Market Wagon, an online farmers market that helps local farms and producers connect with their nearby customers in a manner that’s blowing up across the U.S.  

Years ago, back when C2IT was still a two-man show and you could count our client base on two hands, we partnered up with a local startup launching their own CRM software called AddressTwo. We needed a better system to track and archive our communication with clients and prospects, and AddressTwo gave us the small yet flexible suite of tools we needed. The fact that they were local was a bonus… or so we thought. 

As time went by, a few opportunities arose for us to share some of our technical services with the AddressTwo team – mainly small server optimizations and code suggestions. It was during that time that Chet and Nick Carter began forming a solid bond that would lead to the occasional brain-picking breakfast, a micro-project here and there, or even requests for business advice as we launched something new or thought about how to better market the services we had to offer. 

Fast forward to 2020, and another of Nick’s ventures,, has really taken off.  We bounced around some ideas of how C2IT could help with some of the custom software behind the system, but Market Wagon had a solid team and a platform in place and there wasn’t a great fit for us at the time. As the company continued to grow, though, the need began to be apparent for day-to-day technology services, helpdesk support, and IT infrastructure improvements.  

Shortly after bringing Tim on board as Market Wagon’s VP of Finance and Administration, we were given the opportunity to throw our hat into the ring to serve this growing business as Market Wagon’s IT partner. The company is a diverse and widely spread team, and our support structure would need to be scalable as they continued to grow and expand. This required some creative estimation of support needs, growth expectations, and how we’d serve this growing team. In the end, we settled on a support plan that could grow with the company, provide both teams a budget of time and dollar commitments that was acceptable, and bring valuable technology services to a business that couldn’t do without it. 

“I am thrilled to be able to work with C2IT to meet the requirements of Market Wagon not just in Indianapolis but all over the United States. I am also glad that I can count on Chet as a friend and sounding board. As we have expanded from 6 cities to 35+ cities in the last 18 months, the expertise of C2IT has been vital in making sure it’s a success.”

Nick Carter

Co-Founder & CEO, Market Wagon

We’ve always said that it takes a long time to grow a good partnership, and you never know what friendship may be the seed that becomes a start and later a fully blossomed business relationship, and our story with Nick and Market Wagon has been just one of these success stories. As we continue to watch the company grow and mature, we’re happy to play a part in their success and to be a trusted partner along the way.