Who We Are

Building the future

Here at C2IT, we love loyal partnerships. Relationships built on trust and open communication allow us to partner with businesses of all sizes to help them achieve their goals. We’d love to partner with you and leverage your technology to take your business where you want to go!  

Core Values

Loyal Partnerships

Long term and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients are critical to the success of our business model.

Attentive Discovery

The products and services we have to sell are focused on our clients’ needs and goals, not our own pre-determined understanding of what they want.

Economic Value

We provide solutions that meet the needs of our clients and become sound financial investments for them.

Cohesive Teamwork

Our success is dependent upon communication and collaboration within our team and among our clients that is built on trust and goodwill.

Our Vision

C2IT Consulting creates and implements technology solutions for organizations with an economy of scale that is beyond what they expect they can achieve. This is accomplished through strategic partnerships with innovative clients and a future-focused life-cycle that consistently produces new lines of business and propels the company into new niches, markets, and industries.

In short… C2IT helps organizations achieve more than they thought they could with technology.

Our Team

C2IT is a small-scale tech organization serving other small-scale organizations. Do you share our vision and have something to offer? We’d love to hear from you.

Nyska Cromer



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