Like many of our clients, GreenLight Collectibles has humbly built a thriving business that you’ve probably bought from but maybe didn’t realize it. GreenLight Collectibles is one the largest manufacturers of diecast replicas in the world. For many, it’s a meticulously curated collection of replica cars. For others, you may have accidentally let a GreenLight replica slide into that bottomless bucket of toys in the playroom. Like that overflowing bucket in your kids’ playroom, GreenLight has grown and expanded its product line and partnerships over the years. With so many product offerings it should come as no surprise that GreenLight has vendors of all sizes all over the world. From Target to the Minicar Shop in Seoul, Korea to locally owned toy shops in your neighborhood, you can find GreenLight replicas on shelves all across the world. We’re proud to play a role in getting them there.

We first got to know the team at GreenLight when they were looking for a way to simplify their ordering process. It’s tough to imagine managing orders from literally all over the world. Back in 2012, we started working with their team to understand their needs and built a custom web portal that allows their customers to place large orders online. The portal enables the GreenLight team to manage inventory throughout the entire process. From factory to boat to warehouse and everywhere else in its supply chain journey, the GreenLight team knows what’s happening. We’re proud to say it’s a tool that has continued to serve their needs with routine maintenance and occasional updates. Not only has the original web portal worked well on its own for years, but we’ve also integrated other third-party software for shipping and packaging to give the GreenLight team even greater visibility into their operations.

GreenLight has been a great company to work with through the years and much of that should be credited to their steady leadership team. While we’ve enjoyed the work we have done, we’re most excited about the future together. GreenLight has expanded into direct-to-consumer e-commerce through their new website, The Diecast Pub. If there’s an avid car fan in your life, you needn’t go any further than The Diecast Pub to find the right gift for them. Building The Diecast Pub is a perfect example of the benefit of Loyal Partnerships. Since we’re already familiar with GreenLight’s products and team, it was easy to jump in and help them bring this new brand to life for their loyal customers. And we’re excited to continue growing our partnership with the upcoming release of their new GreenLight Collectibles website. We love supporting our clients when we can, and our owner Chet has made sure his kids get a GreenLight car every year for Christmas. He might be more excited than anyone about The Diecast Pub because he won’t have to leave the farm to get them.