Introducing Ben Laver: Enhancing Our Team at C2IT Consulting

At C2IT Consulting, we’re excited to welcome Ben Laver as our newest IT Support Technician. Ben’s journey to our team is a story of dedication, community ties, and a passion for technology that perfectly aligns with our mission.


A Plainfield Native

Ben’s roots run deep in Plainfield, where he spent 17 formative years. Growing up here, Ben developed a strong connection to our community, attending Plainfield schools from kindergarten through 12th grade. His parents, Mike and Jenifer Laver, moved to Plainfield in 2007 from Brazil, IN, and work as travel agents. Ben’s journey also took him to North Carolina and Florida for a short while, but Plainfield has always been home.


From Chick-Fil-A to IT Technician

After completing his education in Plainfield, Ben pursued cybersecurity studies at Ivy Tech. His first professional steps were at Chick-Fil-A and as an IT Technician at Avon Community Schools, where he worked for about 2.5 years. It was during his senior year in high school that Ben’s passion for technology truly ignited. He joined two technology classes, one as a student technician handling basic computer needs and another in advanced computer science, where he learned the basics of scripting and coding. This hands-on experience laid the foundation for his technical expertise.


A Perfect Blend of Skills and Passions

Ben’s analytical mind and curiosity have always driven him to explore the depths of how things work. This passion, combined with his love for interacting with people, makes him an ideal fit for his role at C2IT Consulting. He serves as the first line of defense for user issues, prepares new computers, provides remote support, and handles phone calls with clients. Ben thrives on helping end-users, finding satisfaction in knowing that his assistance enables them to do their jobs effectively.


Life Beyond the Screen

Outside of work, Ben enjoys a fulfilling personal life. He got married to Anna in 2023, and they now live in Danville with their two rescue cats, Atlas and Olive. Ben and Anna share a love for outdoor adventures and are avid disc golfers. Ben is also a video game enthusiast, with a particular fondness for No Man’s Sky and Star Wars games.


Committed to Continuous Learning

One of the aspects Ben loves most about his role at C2IT is the constant opportunity for learning. Every support ticket is a chance to gain new knowledge and improve his skills. He finds remote troubleshooting particularly challenging but also rewarding, as it requires clear communication and problem-solving creativity.


A Valued Addition to C2IT Consulting

Ben’s dedication, technical skills, and community spirit make him a valuable asset to our team. We’re confident that his presence will enhance our service and strengthen our connection to the Plainfield community. Please join us in welcoming Ben Laver to C2IT Consulting!

We’re excited about the positive impact Ben will have on our clients and look forward to the many ways he’ll contribute to our success.

You can learn more about Ben here.