We’re pleased to announce the release of C2IT’s online Help Center. We use the back-end of this tool to process all tickets and support requests for our clients. This can include anything from a request to add a new user to your system to additional content you’d like posted to your website. 

The Help Center takes our ticketing process to a new level by allowing authorized staff at our clients access to review tickets for their team, communicate with us outside of email/phone, and access a growing self-help knowledge base.

This post walks you through accessing and using the basics of the Help Center. We encourage you to jump in and try it out and let us know if you have any questions.

As of now, we are limiting access to the Help Center to key staff that we know need access to organization-wide ticket information. If someone on your team needs access but did not receive this email, let us know and we’ll be glad to set them up.

Please note, the new online Help Center does not mean you no longer call or email us directly. We welcome these personal communications, and you are more than welcome to email support@c2itconsulting.net or call (317)721-2248 x 1 to reach out for assistance.

Accessing the Help Center

To access the C2IT Help Center, simply visit https://support.c2itconsulting.net. You will be taken to the landing page where you can review knowledge base (KB) articles, contribute and review community discussions (coming soon), or open and manage tickets.

Accessing Your Account

If you’ve been the Help Center before, you can simply log in (or use the forgot password link if you need it). If you are new to the Help Center, you will receive an invitation email to create an account. If you need assistance with accessing the Help Center, just let us know. We limit Help Center access to authorized staff because anyone with access can review and contribute to tickets from anywhere within your organization.

The invitation will look much like the one below:

Opening a Ticket

You can continue to open tickets using email, simply by emailing support@c2itconsulting.net. You can also use the online portal to review previously opened tickets by you or anyone at your organization. Note that we only provide those authorized to view company-wide tickets access to the portal, since you can see all tickets opened by anyone at your organization.

To open a ticket using the portal, just click the “Submit a ticket” link at the bottom of the Help Center Home Page.

You’ll need to choose a department (IT Services, Website Services, or Custom Portals / Apps), enter a subject, describe your issue, and fill in the remaining entry boxes if you choose. You can also submit a file (screenshot, document, etc.), and then simply Submit your ticket.

That’s it! Your ticket has been submitted. You’ll be taken directly to view your created ticket, which we’ll cover shortly.

Accessing Tickets For Your Organization

The Help Center allows you to view ticket information for all tickets tied to your organization. You can access tickets by clicking “Tickets” from the Help Center’s home page. Once on the Ticket page, you’ll initially see your own tickets, but if you click the “Team” filter you’ll be able to see all tickets created by others at your organization (including system-generated tickets for tasks such as server updates).

You can then click into a ticket to view all correspondence and resolutions related to the ticket, or add additional comments or replies to communicate with our team. All comments and replies are also delivered via email, so you’ll be kept in the loop even if you don’t use the Help Center regularly.

Knowledge Base (Growing!)

The Help Center’s Knowledge Base is under construction as we launch the new Help Center, but you are more than welcome to check it out.

The Knowledge Base is an area for us to address frequently asked questions or specific routines we may direct you to. This is also used by C2IT internally, so you may find a number of technical documents that don’t readily apply. If you find yourself wanting a common question addressed, just let us know and we’ll add it to the Knowledge Base!

Here is a sample Knowledge Base article:

Community (Coming Soon… Maybe)

The community portion of our Help Center is a public area where our team and clients can interact with each other. We aren’t using this section yet, but we’d love to hear ideas of how this portion of the Help Center could create a useful and engaging resource.