C2IT is blessed to work with great clients across all aspects of our business, and we enjoy the opportunity to highlight our clients from time to time. In 2023, we had the opportunity to work with 343 Cattle Company, headed by Blake Benson. After initial meetings and attentive discovery, we began by creating a new logo and color palette for them. These new elements would serve as the foundation of the website we would soon build. Over time, the project morphed as we set new goals and workflows. Together we built a phenomenal website to market their company and build brand awareness.

We asked Blake Benson, founder of 343 Cattle Company, to share some of his thoughts about the project and working with C2IT.

Tell us a little about your organization – what does 343 Cattle Co do and how does it serve the world around us?

343 Cattle Co. is a true farm-to-table company serving fresh, local Beef and Pork. Everything from our farm is processed at our 343 Cattle Co. state inspected processing plant. We see the process all the way through to the customer.

What makes 343 Cattle Co unique? What are some creative ways you stand out from other similar businesses?

We not only raise our beef but also process it. We can achieve an end product set to our 343 standard to best serve our customers.

How does technology, your logo, and your website, work together to help your business achieve your goals?

We want people to be able to see what we do and understand the importance of local products. Technology allows people to see our whole process, which is huge! A good website is a must.

As the website project began, shifted, and ultimately was completed, what was it like working with the C2IT Team to achieve your ultimate goal?

C2IT really helped with the changes and the overall shift and made the whole process relatively simple for something I thought was very complicated.

Our 4 values are Loyal Partnerships, Attentive Discovery, Economic Value, and Cohesive Teamwork – can you cite specific examples of where you saw these values play out?

Teamwork is something I noticed from the start. There were several people making sure my vision was brought to life.

Be sure to check out www.343cattleco.com to learn more about their process, their quality meats, and to see their website!