About C2IT Consulting

C2IT Consulting provides clients with a wide variety of valuable technical products and services. Some clients engage with us to build a new website that will dazzle potential customers. Others ask us to build and maintain complex mobile apps and web-based portals that are the backbone of their business operations. Still, others simply want a partner they can reach out to when they need help or advice involving technology. The common factor in every client we have is a relationship built on trust, value, and a listening ear. These factors are not just coincidental – they are at the core of all that C2IT is about.

We have been in business since 2004 and have grown from a 2-person shop to a team of 9. We provide day-to-day IT support and technology consulting, build and maintain engaging websites, and design / develop / deliver custom mobile apps and software solutions for our clients. We are truly a one-stop-shop technology partner for those we serve. This wide variety of services makes marketing an interesting and exciting endeavor.

Job Description 

The team member will play an important part on our web-services team and help our clients keep their online presence up-to-date, relevant, and engaging. The person selected for this role will work with our team and provide day-to-day support and content management for client websites, including adding content, addressing support requests, and making minor design changes to website design. This individual will also work with our web-services team in the execution of larger projects and interact with clients as we obtain and implement their content into their websites.

Outside of working with our clients, this team member will work with the C2IT marketing team to keep our own web presence engaging and up-to-date, and will also be responsible for making regular updates to our social media accounts.

Primary Responsibilities 

  • Make routine updates to client websites including provided and original content and graphics. 
  • Review SEO metrics related to client website content and work to optimize it for client goals. 
  • Make minor design changes to client websites at the client or C2IT’s direction. 
  • Assist web-services team in new website development. 
  • Draft blogs, social media posts, newsletters, and other copy-write materials as needed. 

Other Responsibilities 

  • Perform routine maintenance tasks on client websites. 
  • Assist in the production of C2IT original content, newsletters, and other marketing materials. 


  • Experience managing content within the WordPress Content Management System 
  • Experience with theme and plugin management within WordPress CMS 
  • Experience with social media integration tools 
  • Excellent communication skills, both in-person and via electronic mediums 
  • A willingness to speak your voice and share ideas with the entire team, including ownership, about on-target and off-target opportunities 
  • A willingness to be persistent and commit to personal growth 
Nice to Have
  • Experience with Divi theme and builder within the WordPress CMS 
  • Experience with theme and plugin management within WordPress CMS 
  • Ability to take high-level concepts and draft them into professional and engaging content. 
  • Graphic editing skills 
  • Experience with project management tools  
Interpersonal Skills
  • Highly motivated self-starter focused on producing results that matter  
  • Team player with a strong desire to achieve personal growth while being part of something bigger than one’s self  
  • Goal-driven performer 
  • Ability to learn on the fly, whether by independent research, proof of concept development, or working together as a team 

More About C2IT 

C2IT creates and implements technology solutions for small-scale organizations with an economy of scale that typically only larger companies can afford. We accomplish this through strategic partnerships with innovative first clients and a future-focused product life-cycle that consistently produces new lines of business and catapults the company into new niches, markets, and industry. 

At C2IT, we not only help small-scale organizations – we ARE a small-scale organization. Born out of a vision to help “the little guy” do more than he ever imagined he could, we too know how important it is to build a team that truly works together. Our small staff is highly cross-trained, works together on every project, and this provides great opportunities for continual growth and advancement within our business. 

If you have an interest in professional growth while becoming an integral part of a growing business, it’s time to consider joining C2IT Consulting, Inc.  

For more information about our company, please visit www.c2itconsulting.net. 

To submit your resume, send please send it along with a cover letter with how you think you might fit into this role to jobs@c2itconsulting.net.