The Parks Foundation of Hendricks County recently gave us the opportunity to take their WordPress site and creating a mobile app based off of it. While we’ve done several custom software and mobile app projects, this was our first adventure into a smaller scale mobile app that was directly tied to a WordPress website.

We ended up finding a product called AppPresser which pulls content from your WordPress site directly into your mobile app. With this software, the web admins at the Parks Foundation are able to update their WordPress site and have those updates also happen on their mobile app allowing them to only have to update content in one place. This is a great feature when your time is valuable and you want to make sure nothing falls though the cracks.

As with any new software, we met challenges that we had to contend with. There is a little less customization we’re able to do than we could with a truly custom mobile app. Even with this limitation, we’re still able to use all of your colors and logos as well as implement a variety of icons and background images. You’ll get a custom app icon and we can even put into place a splash page that will show as your app is loading after it’s been opened.

The parks foundation also has a map of all their park locations. AppPresser lets you easily implement a Google Map which looks very nice on mobile devices. Additionally, the Parks Foundation wanted to have a calendar of events on their mobile app. This is not something they’ve included on their website yet. Even though they are not currently using this function on their WordPress site, we were able to implement a calendar on their website that they update when they wish to add an event to their mobile app.

When it came time, we were able to help them navigate the waters of getting the app into the iTunes and Android stores, which can be even more complicated than building the app itself.

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