Many of us have fond memories of going to our local library and picking out the perfect book to take home – sometimes even just sitting in the library for a while immersed in the different world of our book. Libraries have always been these magical places where time just seems to stop. When we had the opportunity to update the website for Clayton Library, we were excited at the chance to make their web presence reflect some of those same feelings. We wanted to work closely with the new library director, Angie, to make sure her vision for her library’s website came true.  

Clayton Library has been around since 1927. For sixty years, they resided in an old bank building of about 600 square feet until being able to move into their own building. That building was expanded in 2001 and is now 8,400 square feet and contains nearly 28,000 volumes. As with the much-needed updated building, it was finally time to update their website as well. 

Angie had some ideas for a new color palette which included bold colors that really made the page aspects pop. In addition to an updated color palette, we worked on a new logo for Clayton Library. Several different designs were considered taking inspiration from everything from images from the first Clayton Library to incorporating some of their history with the Delphian Society. We finally landed on a clean look featuring books in the new primary colors held up by C and L bookends. 

Another important feature Angie wanted to add were pages dedicated to Kids, Teens, and Adults areas, which was something that wasn’t present on their old site. The focus of each of these pages would be to provide information to their patrons based on the age group. In addition to helpful links, we also integrated an onsite calendar that the library staff would be able to update with different color-coded sections for each category.  

In addition to making sure the catalog was easily available, we added a couple of items to really let the library staff connect with their patrons through the web. One being a blog where they’ve been able to post important news and information on upcoming events. The second being a “library shelf” containing book covers linked to their catalog of the Staff’s favorite reads. 

It’s been such a joy working with Angie and the team at Clayton Library to bring new life to their website. If you live in the Clayton Liberty Township area, make sure to stop by the library and check out your next favorite book!