Carr O’Connor has recently completed his second year with C2IT. This is his first development job and he’s picked it up quickly. He’s become a trusted team member for us. Carr says his time at C2IT has been so rewarding because of how much he’s gotten to learn. 

We were able to hire Carr right out of his completed education with Eleven Fifty Academy. He’s filled a space that our growing company was desperately in need of and done a wonderful job at it. When Carr began he was mostly thrown into the middle of existing projects. He would help clean up code or add some new features. Shortly after he began though, C2IT started working on an updated mobile app version of our TruckStock web app for one of our clients allowing Carr to be a part of a project from the beginning. He’s been the driving force behind completing the project and has excelled at being in the driver’s seat. As we’re nearing the completion of this exciting new mobile app, the pride Carr takes in his and the team’s work is obvious.

Carr has grown a lot as a developer in his time with us. He’s improved his efficiency, understanding, and range of coding skills, but he says what’s been most valuable has been developing a keener awareness of business logic. As he’s been working with our clients, he says he’s come to understand their business and the role our software plays. That, more than anything else, enables him to apply his coding skills in a meaningful way. Rather than needing to stop and ask for direction at every intersection, he can make an educated decision based on knowing how our clients use our software to improve their business. This embodies all of C2IT’s  Core Values perfectly – Loyal Partnerships, Attentive Discovery, Economic Value, and Cohesive Teamwork. It’s been a pleasure to watch Carr work and grow as a developer.

When Carr isn’t serving our clients he spends most of his time with his girlfriend and has also become our resident Cryptocurrency expert. He gets excited about the possibilities blockchain technology is opening up. Right now he likes VeChain, which is a blockchain platform designed to enhance supply chain management and business processes. And his favorite for a while has and continues to be Ethereum.

Thanks for a great two years, Carr!