Loyal Partnerships are one of the core values of C2IT. Clients with a foundation of a relationship built on trust are consistently the most steady, forward-thinking, and mutually beneficial relationships we form. Our relationship with the Daily Audio Bible is one of these partnerships, and we’re glad to share some of their story in this client spotlight. 

C2IT’s relationship with the DAB grew out of a personal connection Chet had with the organization. Back in 2006, Chet was looking for a way to build a stronger connection with the Bible and found a man named Brian who had a similar goal. Brian was podcasting his way through the Bible to share the journey with others and to hold himself accountable. Chet joined this small community, and towards the end of the year, decided this was a journey worth repeating. 

Fifteen years later, the Daily Audio Bible has blossomed into a large community spread across the globe. The Bible is now being read in 7 languages and has a full-featured website and mobile app that helps listeners engage with the words they listen to and the community they are participating with. 

The Daily Audio Bible has always been “cloud-based,” but they’ve found their way through a variety of technology platforms over the years. In 2008, Chet first offered his talent as a database developer to help the community fight off spammers who were attacking a homegrown community’s forum-based website.  Years later, the community needed a scalable delivery system to serve gigabytes of data each day, and C2IT officially started a working relationship with the DAB. 

Fast forward another 10 years, and the Daily Audio Bible is one of C2IT’s larger clients. We serve them by crafting and maintaining high-quality custom mobile apps and a web-based platform that hosts the podcasting system, an online store, community forums, and many other systems built around community engagement and support. 

The New Year is a busy time at the Daily Audio Bible as people make resolutions to start the same journey that Brian and Chet started many years ago. As we assist the organization with preparing for the arrival of a new year and a new community, we’re excited once again about the partnership and investment this organization has made with C2IT over the years. If you’d like to learn more or start the journey yourself, please visit www.dailyaudiobible.com