It’s been over a year since we put together an organized newsletter  from C2IT, and we’re shifting it up quite a bit as we do. This newsletter is geared towards the clients we serve via technology consulting, app development, web design, and IT support. No longer are we trying to create a “one size fits all” newsletter that may interest anyone in our 800+ person email list. Instead, this email is tailored to those we serve.

I hope you’ll take three minutes from your day to catch up with the happenings at C2IT by checking out the newsletter below. In It, we share the value of preventative care, a client spotlight, and even a video we produced on how to not break the bank on technology spending during a crisis.

One item close to my own heart is a renewed focus on what we call “Client Touchpoints.” A touchpoint is a regularly occurring time to get out of the weeds of day-to-day work and take a look at the higher-level objectives and direction of your organization. We’re working to set these up with all of our clients who consider technology an asset and investment, not just another expense. Here at C2IT, we’ve found that the value of face to face interaction is increasingly valuable in our current times, this is something that we are pushing and utilizing with these client touchpoints.

As we’ve worked our way through COVID-19, we’ve found ourselves with renewed vigor to TALK TO SOMEONE. Whether it’s because of how much time we’ve spent working from home, away from the team, or via email with our clients, voice and face-to-face conversations have found a renewed importance in the cadence we share with those we serve. As we’ve had more of these conversations, we realized how beneficial these would be if they weren’t just “accidents” or things that happened when they had to. Not only were we able to keep ourselves a little more top-of-mind during the crisis, but we were also able to learn about others and their own ways of taking steps forward during these times. We received ideas that we implemented within our own team and had a few “aha” movements with clients as they realized we could help them keep business flowing (if not expanding) during this season.

These meetings aren’t focused on new business or referrals. They’re focused on you, your business, your needs, and your initiatives. If we’re doing something wrong, we want to hear about. If you’ve got a great new idea but don’t know the next step, we want to help. If you’ve got something nice to say… well… we’ll take that too. When all is said and done, we view our relationship with you as much more of a partnership than a vendor / client relationship. Our desire is to see to it that your technology needs (and desires, and dreams) are met and brought to life.

We’re in the midst of setting up regular occurring meetings with most of our clients this summer. You’ve probably already had Phil reach out to you to get one of these scheduled, but if you have not, you can email him here or call him at (317) 721-2248 x 108.