SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a hot word right now; it’s everywhere and it seems to be growing more important every day, which can make it slightly vexing if you don’t know much about it. Search Engine Optimization in its simplest form is how high up on the list your company’s website pops up when someone does a search online for services or products that you provide. The first question that comes to mind is how; how on Earth do I get started on something as general and widespread as SEO? With the right web design team behind you, and the right tools of the trade, the daunting task begins to seem simple. Here are a couple things you can do to get started today using Technical SEO and Targeted SEO.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is probably the most complex of the two, there are levels and levels of it that we don’t have near enough time to go into. Ultimately, Technical SEO is about optimizing your website design to make use of how search engines work to your advantage. The first thing that you must do is create a sitemap. Sitemaps are descriptions of your website and what it aims to do that you submit to places like Google which helps them to help you. Creating a sitemap can be tricky, but if you have a WordPress website and a good design team, it can also be a breeze. Certain WordPress plugins help to streamline this process, like Yoast SEO. It automatically generates a sitemap for you that can be edited, and it continually updates that sitemap as you post content, edit your website, and add and remove things. This saves you a lot of time and keeps your website up to date as far as search engines and how they “crawl” websites go.

A second tip is to prune your website. This means cutting down on things that are old or just don’t work anymore. Old and broken links on your website are the first to go, along with pages that just don’t get the same traffic that they used to. Keeping your website lean and efficient helps you get more traffic, as Google’s ranking algorithms and crawlers aren’t fans of websites with low traffic or links that don’t work anymore.

Targeted SEO

Targeted SEO is simpler to explain, but tricky in its own way. Optimizing your website and content to cross the eyes of your intended audience is difficult, but doable, all by finding out what words they want to hear. Learning about what your prospective customers are searching on the internet can make SEO worlds easier. If you know what words to use, then you know what content to push and what to put on your website. Optimizing the headers, footers, titles, and even tags and meta tags on a website can significantly increase its traffic in a short time. Doing these same things for the content being put out redoubles that effort and reaps even more rewards. This sounds daunting, but again, with the right web design team backing you it becomes simple and clean. With a capable web design team auditing your website to find what’s not useful and stale, as well as using the right tools to optimize your website to target the consumers that you’re looking to serve, SEO seems to get simpler and simpler. Stop working for your website and start getting your website to work for you.

As you’re reading this you’re probably wondering if this article is for you or the search engines? The answer is both and we believe that is the best philosophy to approach SEO with. Consider the search engines a part of your audience rather than a rival to be overcome. Ultimately, search engines bring value to their users by bringing them the most useful content. The more content you create the better you understand what consumers are looking for and how they’re finding it. Need help with the SEO for your website? Email to get started!