Over the past few months, C2IT has had the privilege of working on a project for a great organization called Tools For Success. Tools For Success (TFS) works in the education sphere, providing meaningful resources, consultation, training, and student-centered initiatives to empower educators, equip administrators, and engage leaders with tailored strategies, insights, and professional development.

TFS approached C2IT Consulting to build a brand new website (coming soon), which would serve as a resource for educators, a platform for distributing professional development videos and trainings, and a tool that would shape the landscape of education through their consulting, strategies, and professional development. In addition, while we were developing the main site, we were tasked with creating a page for a major event hosted by TFS to train and equip educators and administrators.

C2IT has been honored to work alongside Tools For Success, challenged to create a powerful website to highlight the many facets of their organization, and excited about the future partnership. We asked TFS to share a little about their organization and the experience of working with C2IT, and we wanted to share their responses with you.


Tell us a little about your organization – what does Tools For Success do and how do you serve your clients?

At Tools for Success, our mission is to redefine the K-12 education landscape by empowering educators, equipping administrators, and engaging leaders with tailored strategies, insights, and professional development. Through a student-centered approach, we are committed to ensure every classroom aligns with the evolving standards of education, fostering an environment where every student thrives. Our vision is a future where every K-12 institution benefits from a comprehensive approach to education. We strive to be the leading partner for schools, championing adaptive strategies and best practices that resonate with the unique needs of each educator and each student. We envision a world where every classroom is a hub of innovation, critical thinking, and unwavering commitment to student success. 


What makes you stand out from others at the forefront of your field?

As a team of former educators and administrators, we understand firsthand that professional development for our educators and administrators is not “one size fits all.” We tailor our approach using the 5 steps toward the pathway to success to meet each of our schools and each of their teachers where they are today.  We also value data. Our consultants leverage data, like state exam scores, student attendance, and teacher sediment analysis to create tailored plans for each teacher and their specific support needs.


Why, in your opinion, is your website an important part of your success? What was your catalyst for having C2IT design a new site for you?

We believe a website is an important tool offering a seamless introduction and round-the-clock presence and support to Tools for Success partners and clients. As Tools for Success continues to grow, we knew our website needed to grow and evolve with us to provide new learning opportunities and support for our clients.


From the first conversation, what was the experience like working with C2IT? What did you appreciate about the team at C2IT and how they worked with you?

From our first conversation, working with C2IT has been a delight! The team is so easy to work with, friendly, responsive, thoughtful, and they always bring great ideas to elevate Tools for Success’ website and business.


Our 4 values are Loyal Partnerships, Attentive Discovery, Economic Value, and Cohesive Teamwork – can you cite specific examples of where you saw these values play out?

We appreciate and share many of the same values with C2IT Consulting, including loyal partnerships, attentive discovery, economic value and teamwork. We’ve seen the core values on display throughout our engagement with the C2IT team… they take the time needed to understand our goals and initiates and ask thoughtful questions to ensure we are all on the same page.  We are adding some new components to our site, including a page for clients to purchase pre-recorded professional development training for educators. The C2IT team has been extremely collaborative throughout this process and provided examples and points to consider ensuring Tools for Success clients will have an easy to follow and exceptional user experience engaging with new features on our website.


We know we’ve still got exciting launches ahead, but how do you feel about your new website and the ongoing partnership with C2IT?

We know it’s not even finished, and we already couldn’t be happier with our new website and partnership with C2IT! The team at C2IT is bringing our vision to life and we are excited to continue to partner with them. 


Be sure to check out the new Tools For Success website at www.toolsforsuccessindy.com when it launches later this year.