SEO isn’t the end all be all for your business. As a web design firm we’re not supposed to tell you this. In Real Life (IRL) you’re juggling payroll, putting out client fires, hiring, selling, marketing, and that’s the tip of the iceberg. Optimizing your company’s Search Engine Optimization is a back burner priority at best. There are aspects of SEO that, let’s be honest, you will never work on like site maps and HTTPS encryption. If your website is professionally managed those are some of the things you are paying for.

But what can you do about SEO? It isn’t sexy, but consistency still wins the day. SEO is not a math equation that you will ever solve and walk away from. It’s an ever-changing aspect of the evolving marketing landscape. Be active. As scary as it is to hear (and difficult for us to practice) “Just Okay” content beats no content 99.99% of the time. With repetition okay content becomes good content, which in turn becomes viral content.

Feeling locked out of the keyword treasure trove? SEO is an ever-moving target. But you can get a leg up on this one. First, start with your customers. What are they asking about? Create content around those topics that help them ask better, more informed questions. Because IRL you may not have those answers yet, but you’re more equipped than your customers to engage in the conversation. Second, use a free keyword explorer to gauge the effectiveness of the keywords you’re using and get ideas for fresh ones. is well known and has some powerful tools.

Most importantly, SEO is about relevancy. If you’re staying relevant with your customers and prospects IRL then you’re on the right track to optimize your SEO.