C2IT offers a variety of tools for use on your website; from theme templates to plugins, we work with a multitude of resources that will help take your website to the next level. Recently, we added two sections to our website that detail what some of these resources are: Divi Layout Sample Sites and our Plugin Library. Now you, the customer, will be able to see what all we at C2IT have to offer you.

While WordPress is the framework on which we build our sites, Divi is the interior design that really makes your website come to life. Our Sample Sites can give you a good idea of a jumping off point for your own website. While we may use these to initially get the layout for your website, we still customize it to fit your needs. We’ll use your logo and colors as well as other photos that are provided. Additionally, we’ll work with you to make sure every page layout includes whatever content you’d like and is laid out in the most optimized way.

Once we have a general project overview from you, we’ll start deciding on what plugins we may need or want to try to accomplish all the goals set forth. Our plugin page details some of the plugins we use most frequently or ones we’ve found that offer some really unique opportunities. If you’re looking to start building a website, head on over to check those out. You might even find one that allows you to do something you didn’t know was possible!