Any time you add a new team member, you want to ensure they’re a good fit for their work and within the company culture. When we set out to hire a new Business Development Specialist, we wanted to put particular emphasis on the role of Relationship Manager embedded within the position. Our relationship with our clients is one of the core values upon which our business model is built, and the person in that position would be the first point of contact for forming and maintaining those relationships. That’s not a job just anyone can do.

Lasting Impressions

Chet has known Keith for over a decade. They first met while Chet was leaving Planet Fitness while Keith was entering. Keith struck up a conversation over Chet’s t-shirt.

“It was something that only a person who works with youth ministries would be wearing,” Keith recalls.

With Keith’s background being in ministry and his outgoing nature, it comes as no surprise that this would have been the catalyst to a long friendship. Chet and Keith continued to see each other at the gym and eventually started going to Crossfit Unbreakable together. From there they attended the same church and were both involved in the youth ministries.

Long Distance Relationship

In 2017 Keith moved with his family to Ohio to begin working with a church there. Keith stayed in touch, frequently helping get items like business cards printed for C2IT. A little less than five years later he was beginning to feel like he was being called back to Indiana to serve in a different respect than he was currently. It was perfect timing, as C2IT was starting to look to fill the Business Development Specialist/Relationship Manager Role.

“I knew Chet and Erin and knew the culture would be good and there’d be a strong sense of teamwork. They have the same values as me. Chet was looking for someone who, at the heart of it, would love and care for people as opposed to just being a sales guy.


This job allows me to be more of a husband and dad – it’s not all-consuming or a high-pressure performance-based environment.”

Back Home Again in Indiana

Keith proved early on that he was an excellent addition to our team. He brings an energy that is unmatched by anyone else and has been a refreshing connectivity between us all. When asked what Keith is hoping to bring to our team at C2IT, he says he wants to be the friendly energy in the room and a person who can work within all the different facets of the company. His goal is to be the person you can lean on – something he has a lot of experience with from his time as a pastor.

Outside of Work

Keith enjoys being active – whether that’s through CrossFit, running, tennis, or anything else that challenges him athletically. He and his wife Jill (his high school sweetheart) have 3 boys – Tyler, Zach, and Matt. He loves Seinfeld and dad jokes. He’s looking forward to getting back into serving at his church in Plainfield.

Keith has been a fantastic addition to our team. He loves meeting people, so why not set up a time to grab coffee with him? Welcome to the team, Keith!