One of the key members of the operation here at C2IT, having worked with us since 2003, Erin Cromer does quite a bit of behind the scenes work. Erin has had a wild journey; Graduating from University and moving to Indiana, getting married to our own Chet Cromer, having two children alongside plenty of animals, and of course her long career that’s taken some interesting turns. 

Erin’s Story

After graduating from Cedarville University, Erin moved from her home in Pennsylvania to Plainfield Indiana. Not one to sit still, Erin quickly got to work, beginning in 2001 in pediatrics and remaining there until 2012. During this time, Erin also began working for C2IT part-time in 2003. Later on, Erin went to work at a veterinarian clinic, taking some time away from C2IT. Erin with a laugh admitted that “It was honestly because of my animal habit. They said that I could get a discount for my animals and I was in.”. After about three years working at the veterinarian clinic and the pediatrics office, Erin came back to C2IT. The company had grown since Erin had last worked for C2IT. There were now more employees and clients and Erin’s skills were needed full time at C2IT.

Erin’s Freetime

One of Erin’s stand-out qualities is just how much she cares, especially about her animals. “Other than the cows all the animals were really my doing; the cats, dogs, and even the horses.” Erin’s favorite pastime is tending to these animals. It’s a relaxing hobby that helps her keep grounded. This caring streak extends further than animals, even further than her two children. When asked about what her favorite thing about working for C2IT is, Erin said that she loves watching employees grow. Seeing them mature and step into their roles, as well as being able to help them along in that process is something that is extremely rewarding. 

Caring, warm, and creative, these are the three words that come to mind when thinking about Erin. C2It would not be the same company without the work that she does every day. We are extremely lucky to have you, thank you for being a part of the C2IT team.