C2IT Consulting, Inc. (“C2IT”) is an Indianapolis based technology firm with over 20 years’ experience in helping organizations achieve more with tech. C2IT designs, builds, and supports data-driven mobile apps, websites, and software solutions. We increase efficiency and accuracy, save our clients time and money, and integrate technology platforms in ways never before imagined.

C2IT has been building web and desktop applications for over 13 years and is growing quickly in mobile app development as well. Many of the projects we are involved in require custom coding, a creative and responsive user interface, and an intuitive user experience. For this reason we tread carefully when it comes to keeping projects within a known scope, because part of C2IT’s value proposition lies in the flexibility we bring clients as we bring their projects to life.


Role Summary

The Development Team Coordinator (“Employee”) will work directly with the President / Project Owner and C2IT’s development teams to ensure projects are well defined and profitable from the get-go. This employee will also create, manage, and communicate with clients and C2IT’s team about key milestones during the course of a project. This employee will often be acting as the project manager for the development team, but will also be coordinating, prioritizing, and delivering support and other operational deliverables to our clients and team.

This employee will be responsible for managing C2IT’s technical capacity across development projects that vary in size, scope, margin, and complexity. This will involve everything from working with the business development team to ensure new business can be brought in efficiently to ensuring that large / complicated projects are delivered on-time and on-budget.

This employee will also be responsible for client communication during the course of a project including but not limited to: introductory meetings, assessments and project planning, milestone planning, tracking of progress towards milestones, and a satisfactory delivery of products or services.

In addition to coordinating the team and managing projects, this employee will also be the front line of support for developed solutions already in use. This includes triaging and resolving support tickets in our ticketing system, interacting with clients when problems arise, and monitoring / maintaining the systems we take care of.

C2IT is a rapidly developing and growing business, and there are tremendous opportunities for this role to transition into a long term and vital role of design, management, and leadership within our organization.

At C2IT, you’ll benefit from working with a small but experienced team that will offer support that will greatly enhance your skills and knowledge. You’ll also be on the ground floor of a growing team, and opportunities to share your perspective will abound, as will advancement opportunities with our joint success.

We want to find someone who is keen to contribute ideas and who loves finding interesting and brilliant solutions to problems.

The projects we are a part of span a wide variety of platforms – web, desktop, and mobile to name a few, so a willingness and excitement to explore new ways to use what we can do to help others is paramount to all of our success.


Job Description

Primary Responsibilities

  • Understand conceptual and written design requirements as provided by a client or C2IT’s business development team.
  • Contribute to the production of project plans and assessments at a technical level, working alongside the development, support, sales, and management teams.
  • Manage C2IT capacity and resources, whether they are tied to skill-sets limits or calendar limits.
  • Triage and Address issues to published systems, and coordinate the resolution of issues within the internal team and existing priorities.
  • Contribute to the creation of proposals including mockups, time and cost estimates, technical requirements for design and plugins, and other areas, for websites, Ecommerce systems, and mobile apps.
  • Set up and monitor project management systems for client and internal projects using a variety of project management tools.
  • Communicate with C2IT teams and our clients throughout the course of a project’s lifecycle.

Other Responsibilities

  • Participate in software development projects, as time and experience allow.
  • Manage project management tools and ensure internal teams and clients have access to what they need.
  • Train clients and team members on the proper use of project management tools.
  • Stay up-to-date on project life-cycle best practices, and facilitate change at C2IT.
  • Stay involved with projects throughout the development lifecycle, ensuring needs are met and that projects are kept on track.




  • Experience with tailoring software development life-cycles – including agile and waterfall – to specific business needs (we don’t fit in a nice neat box).
  • Experience managing short and long term projects – those requiring hours, and those requiring several phases over many months or years.
  • Experience in working with a sales / business development team in the production of project plans and/or proposals.
  • A strong desire to be part of the exploration of client wants and needs from a goal-focused perspective, and the ability to take these broad goals and transform them into design elements that can be presented, prototyped, built, and maintained.
  • Ability to take large problems and break them down into specific tasks that can be managed, documented, and completed.
  • Excellent communication skills, both in-person and via electronic mediums.
  • A willingness to speak your voice and share ideas with the entire team, including ownership, about on-target and off-target opportunities.
  • A willingness to be persistent and commit to personal growth.
  • Experience with project management and bug-tracking tools.
  • Experience with C# development language.

Nice to have

  • Experience with cloud-based project management tools.
  • Experience working side-by-side with developers, designers, and support staff.
  • Ability to demonstrate application of previous project management experiences in a real-world scenario that contributes to the overall value of a business and its projects.
  • Experience with Xamarin / MAUI Mobile App Development.
  • Experience with WordPress Website Development.


About C2IT

C2IT creates and implements technology solutions for small scale organizations with an economy of scale that typically only larger companies can afford. We accomplish this through strategic partnerships with innovative first clients and a future-focused product life-cycle that consistently produces new lines of business and propels the company into new niches, markets, and industry.

At C2IT, we not only help small-scale organizations – we ARE a small-scale organization. Born out of a vision to help “the little guy” do more than he ever imagined he could, we too know how important it is to build a team that truly works together. Our small staff is highly cross-trained, works together on every project, and this provides great opportunities for continual growth and advancement within our business.

If you have an interest in professional growth while becoming an integral part of a growing business, it’s time to consider joining C2IT Consulting, Inc.

For more information about our company, please visit www.c2itconsulting.net.

To submit your resume, send please send it along with a cover letter with how you think you might fit into this role to jobs@c2itconsulting.net.