The weather could not have been better for the 34th Annual Plainfield Chamber of Commerce Golf Outing in early August of 2023. 140 golfers participated in the outing along with dozens of supporters and vendors, all coming together at the Deer Creek Golf Club on State Road 39. The Chamber has been a vital place to network and connect with our community, and we even have the honor of helping the Chamber with the content updates on their website.

C2IT had an eager team of golfers. Andrew, Jon Cook, Joe, and Megan played a great round of golf and finished with a much improved score over last year. One of the highlights had to be when Jon Cook convinced Andrew to try a new, cutting-edge golf ball on the 7th tee. The promise was that the ball would fly perfectly straight. Unbeknownst to Andrew, the ball was a Shock’D ball, which has a blank inside. When Andrew made contact, the whole golf course learned of the prank as a shockwave of sound erupted off the tee box. Be sure to check out the video on the blog post.

In addition, C2IT had a tent on the 11th tee, which gave us a great opportunity to meet the golfers as they came by. The tent boasted beverages of all varieties, snacks, free pens, microfiber cloths, chip clips, and games the golfers could play for fun and prizes. The crowd favorite was the “Crappy Chipping Game,” in which golfers had 5 foam golf balls they had to try to chip into a child’s training toilet. Winners got a sleeve of ProV1 golf balls with the C2IT logo prominently displayed on the side. Multiple team members came out to meet the golfers throughout the day – Chet, Erin, Jon Crawford, Adam, Jordan, and Tina all made appearances.

Overall, it was a wonderful day of golf, friends, fostering relationships, encouraging some of our clients, and sharing some laughs together. We are continually thankful for our clients and those we call friends. Thanks to the Chamber, Deer Creek, and all the sponsors and helpers who made a great day possible.