Megan is accustomed to taking risks in her career. Before joining C2IT Consulting she was working at a startup that was nearing the end of its road. While the startup journey is exciting the uncertainty brings on a lot of stress. Not wanting to slow down her learning and growth as a graphic designer and web developer, Megan was introduced to Chet Cromer about being the company’s first dedicated Web Designer. It took some time to make it work, but in late 2017 Megan joined the C2IT team. Megan says “It’s been really exciting being a part of C2IT’s growth. It felt like a startup with rapid process development but with the security of an established company. Chet and the leadership team have built a foundation for long-term success and it’s really exciting to be part of a growing business.”

Megan is a perfectionist. She’s spent many years developing her graphic design skills and it shows when given the opportunity to work on creative projects. She says one of the most valuable experiences of working at C2IT has been being able to combine her creative ability with highly sought-after Web Design skills. And it’s also been one of the biggest challenges. WordPress is such a robust and versatile platform that there are always new features to be aware of, different issues coming up, and new trends that clients want to incorporate into their sites.

Megan says she enjoys the wide variety of web clients we serve at C2IT Consulting. There’s always something different. Some clients need really elaborate e-commerce stores and others need carefully designed marketing websites complete with graphic animations. Megan’s favorite projects allow for lots of creativity. When a client has a vision and they’re open to creative options to bring it to life is what makes her job rewarding. And she says she feels fortunate to have a job where you like all your co-workers, have great leadership and get to go to work and enjoy it.