C2IT Consulting is committed to investing in young people who are exploring careers in the realm of technology. We have been blessed over the years with some great interns and residents who have made a great impact on our team and helped our clients in creative ways.

This summer, we have been joined by Matthew Moxley, a current Computer Science major at Franklin College. Matthew is a 2021 graduate of Eminence High School where he was the head of the Theater Department and the main PA announcer for all things Eminence Eels! He and the Cromers have been friends for many years, so this opportunity seemed like a natural next step.

Matthew’s attraction to the field of technology started when he was much younger. He always loved Sonic the Hedgehog, but when one of the games was a little disappointing, his family and friends challenged him to make a better one. Matthew started learning BASIC code language and created his own short-form video game. Matthew shared, “I absolutely love the fusion of voodoo technology magic and art, of design and functionality.”

Matthew comes to us as one exploring future pathways. He’s not sure yet exactly how he plans to spend his future, but he’s excited to explore the field of technology this year with us. Currently, he’s working to triage our web and development tickets, seeking solutions or escalating them to other members of our team.

In his spare time, Matthew loves playing video games, drawing, doodling cartoon characters, skateboarding, and playing competitive Tic-Tac-Toe.

You can learn more about Matthew here!