This month for our client spotlight we wanted to focus on a client with whom we have a terrific relationship; one that we believe highlights the humanity in our business as well as shows what a great client we have. Capitol City Iron Works is a commercial railing contractor in Indianapolis who we’ve had a long-standing relationship with since the early 2000s. The work that we have done with Capitol City Iron Works has included basic technology support and building up their broad infrastructure systems. Giving them good systems and technology to work with as well as helping them with their Microsoft services. 

One of our more intensive and interesting projects with Capitol City was when they needed a better solution for the networking cable they would have to bury to increase their wifi capabilities between buildings. Burying all of the cables that the upgrade was going to require would cost thousands of dollars, so instead we worked together to create a ‘wifi bridge’ so that it wouldn’t all have to be buried underground. This saved time and money for Capitol City. 

While the work we have done with and for Capitol City is an important part of the relationship that we share with them, we also wanted to take a moment to highlight the humanity in the relationship – the laughable and memorable moments that make a relationship one that can last so long. Working closely with a group of people for this long causes many memorable moments, some of which still give the team laughs today. Whether it was the time that a computer was plugged into a 400-volt electrical outlet and it caught on fire (against our instructions, for the record) or the time our very own Chet Cromer dropped a server in their parking lot as he carried it in. These experiences create adversity at the moment, but with trust, we work through them, laugh about them later, and build memories. In addition to completing critical technology projects and providing regular upkeep, we believe that the ability to work through the occasional fire (sometimes literally) and keep moving forward is what forges such a strong working relationship. 

Here at C2IT, we take great pride in the relationships we build with our clients. Whether it’s the countless hours working to build solutions for them, hilarious moments and mishaps that remind us that we are human, or a mixture of the two that create any normal workday. These things make up the foundation of the relationships that we build and it’s what motivates us to go to work every day. Thank you to Capitol City Iron Works for working with us for so long and for allowing us to create these unforgettable moments. We look forward to creating more with you as well as the rest of our clients.