We all know that websites are the billboard for a company, oftentimes that’s the first interaction with you that your customers will have. But why not make it more than just a billboard? WordPress and its incredible amount of plugins allow a business to do just that. With the right team designing your website, it makes life a lot easier and your website far more impressive.

Plugins are essentially the WordPress equivalent apps on your iPhone. There are over 55,000 available plugins and they can do just about anything you can think of. As one can imagine, it can be extremely beneficial to have a web design team that knows which plugins to use when, how to integrate them, and which ones are compatible with your website and services. Here are a few of our favorite plugins and some of the features that they can provide.


Stream is among the plugins that we at C2IT integrate into every website we design. This is a great plugin to log user activity. Getting live updates as people log in and updates of any changes or additions to the website. Stream can also be being helpful in pinpointing what ‘broke’ when something goes wrong on a website.


LoginPress is a great plugin to make your login pages feel more personalized for visitors to your website. You can even adjust error messages when something goes wrong with a login to give better information. Not to mention the Pro version, which allows for even more customization and appeal. One of the things we personally use LoginPress for is to set a message on the login page that lets our clients know when not to make changes to their site because we’re doing monthly updates.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the plugins that seem to be quickly evolving into a must-have plugin. With the rise of Search Engine Optimization and how important it is to be sure your page pops up first for a new customer, Yoast SEO can really help you get an edge with your website. Creating sitemaps for you, helping you optimize your website through keywords, templates, titles, and meta descriptions. So long as you have a good web design team, Yoast SEO can step your game up to the next level.


Lastly is WooCommerce, a platform of different plugins that allow you to turn your website into a sales engine for your business. Tax calculations, wishlist features, enabling credit card payments directly through your website, even automatically creating and emailing PDF invoices and packing slips for orders made through your website. WooCommerce is definitely worth looking into for all your e-commerce needs.

Plugins can make your life easier while making your website better, but this is just the beginning. Remember that WordPress has over 55,000 different plugins just waiting to be used, and with a team that knows what they are doing, these plugins become much more. We hope you saw something that piqued your interest today. We’d love the opportunity to show you what your website could do for you. Get in touch with us for a free discovery session and website audit today. Call us at 317.721.2248 or send an email to info@c2itconsulting.net.