Websites drive your business in many ways, reaching customers that you may never reach. But navigating and managing it can be a difficult process. With the right web design team, however, you can accomplish far more with your website than you ever thought. Scheduling is a problem for every business, but it may not require an expensive solution. Here are three plugins you should consider using with your WordPress website, organized by price. All are less than $100 a year, a steal compared to the $20 a month for most scheduling software.

WP Booking Calendar

The first plugin to consider is WP Booking Calendar. With over 50,000 installations it can be very hard to believe that this plugin has such an extensive free version. Most plugins have free versions but cut out most of the usefulness to hide it behind a paywall. WP Booking Calendar, on the other hand, keeps a ton of its features in the free version. WP can help you handle appointments and equipment rentals, keep track of meetings, and any other business-related event.  The free version allows a lot of customization, personalization, and attention to detail with scheduling. Also, you AND your customers can make changes to bookings in case there is a schedule change. Remember that this plugin is free. If you use it and see value in it, there are four different premium plans for businesses of varying sizes that unlock all sorts of new capabilities.

Events Schedule

The second plugin is Events Schedule. This plugin isdesigned to be reliable; both in keeping up with the times and being easy to use. The features that are loaded into this plugin make it surprising that it’s still easy to use. There are multiple filters to help customers or employees easily sift through the information that they don’t need themselves. It’s also WPMU compatible; meaning that it can be easily translated so no matter where in the world your customers are, you will be understood. The biggest surprise, and possibly the most enticing thing about this plugin, is that you get all these features for only $39 a year.

Bookly PRO

The final plugin is the higher-end of the three, but you do get what you pay for. Bookly PRO is a plugin that costs $89 a year, and while that may seem costly compared to the other options, there is a lot of warrant in investing in this plugin. For starters, when you buy in you get six months of full support from their developers, ensuring that you get off to a good start and don’t run into any issues. Among these three, Booking PRO has the most intuitive customer interface, with a segmented approach of dividing the scheduling into five steps, each one representing a small piece of the entire process of scheduling and paying for whatever you may need to use the plugin for, it makes life easier on both you and the customer. 

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