Our C2IT team takes time every month to step away from their computers to enjoy lunch together. For February, we coupled our team meeting with a team-building Winter Olympics: Office Edition. Because the Olympics are in Beijing this year, we started off with Chinese food from a favorite local Chinese restaurant. Then the competition began. We do love a good competition around here.

We started off with a Not So Biathlon. No skiing or shooting guns, but we did shoot at a target with a bow and arrow. Our second event was Tabletop Curling. We will probably get our curling game out from time to time as it was a fun, easy game. Our final event in the main round was Big Air Snowboarding where we sent our “snowboards” down a ramp to see which went the furthest. We had a tie for all-around silver and had a tie-breaker – 2-Man Bobsled. At the end of the day, Chet walked away with all-around gold, Phil all-around silver, and Andrew with all-around bronze.

The laughs and camaraderie are the best part of our team activities. Who knows what we will do next!