Plainfield is a wonderful community, and Guilford Township is one of the gorgeous cornerstones that help make Plainfield great. The incomparable Hummel Park with its trails, lakes, summer concerts, and community events is the pride of the township.

In 2018, Guilford Township and C2IT began working together. C2IT helped with Guilford’s information technology, namely hardware acquisition, email, and support. This partnership soon blossomed into something more, including a major overhaul of the Guilford network. C2IT was able to modernize and simplify the network so that the Township employees could focus on other tasks. Chuck Ellis, the Township Trustee, stated, “it’s been very smooth, and we have zero complaints.”

Most recently, Guilford Township and C2IT partnered together to create a robust, vibrant website to highlight Hummel Park, its lakes and trails, and its events among other things. The site at went live just a few months ago, and it has become a central place for people to find information about the park, policies and ordinances, shelter reservations, and even summer concerts. Many of the events and concerts at the park are free to the public, so make sure to check those out!

Guilford Township and C2IT have formed a beautiful friendship, and we are excited about continuing to work together in the future. Make sure you spend some time in gorgeous Hummel Park this summer!