As i make my way home from work every day, I see the myriad delivery trucks and the cacophony of packages on the front porches of my neighbors. It’s difficult to remember a world where we didn’t purchase things online.

E-commerce has transformed the way we purchase almost everything, and C2IT has had the opportunity to partner with some great companies who sell their wares online. With Christmas right around the corner, we wanted to share a few of our partners who do business online. Some of these sites are complete e-commerce solutions built by C2IT, and some do business online through other resellers, but each of them understands the power of doing business online. Do us a favor and check out our web partners today.


ABC Distributors –

ABC Distributors is a general merchandise wholesale distributor that specializes in supplying businesses with quality merchandise.

We’ve enjoyed a great partnership with ABC Distributors, and according to owner Dereck Jones, working with C2IT Consulting has “brought a new customer base and allowed ABC Distributors to sell quality items to people who, because of geography, would have been unreachable prior.” In addition, Dereck added that his favorite part of working with C2IT has to do with the availability and relationship. He noted the “ability to come in and talk face to face about any project” and “the willingness to think outside the box when it comes to unique challenges that come with business” as key factors in continuing to do business online with C2IT as a partner

This Christmas, ABC Distributors has a lot to offer consumers and businesses alike, and in particular, candles have been a great seller. Be sure to check out ABC Distributors today for quality items at great prices.


Joe’s Butcher Shop –

Joes Butcher shop is a fresh meat and seafood market located in Carmel, IN. Joe’s offers a wide variety of fresh food products, cooking supplies, wines, and more.

Joe’s Butcher Shop has been a client that has truly showcased the agility of the C2IT Consulting Team and the ability to solve problems and create solutions through attentive discovery for our clients. We didn’t build the original Joe’s Butcher Shop site, but we have been able to enhance it and move it forward. According to owner Joe Lazzara, “We brought with us a set of custom code that lays on top of our standard WordPress site. C2IT has been able to help us not just maintain this code, but make suggestions on how to improve it for the future and move to something a bit less custom and easier to maintain.

If you’re looking for amazing fresh meat for the family holiday meal, Joe’s is a great place to shop. In addition, their e-commerce gift card engine allows customers to purchase gift cards and mail them with special, custom notes. Give them a look this holiday season.


Westfield Outdoors –

Founded in 2004, Westfield Outdoors is a retail partner and leading manufacturer of camping gear, as well as other products in the outdoor lifestyle market.

Westfield Outdoors’ website isn’t technically e-commerce, and it’s not one C2IT built, but they do a lot of sales through other retail partners online. C2IT helps Westfield Outdoors by managing their day-to-day IT and making sure they have everything they need to keep their business moving forward. From end user support, remote management, security updates, network maintenance, and a whole lot more, C2IT manages the technology that supports Westfield Outdoors in their quest to sell the best outdoor products around.

Be sure to check out Westfield Outdoors and their resellers online, as well as their own suite of products in the Timber Ridge, Busy Bee, and Power Ridge lines.


Scorpion Protective Coatings –

Scorpion is the world-wide leader in truck bed liners and protective coatings. Scorpion is a family owned and operated business since 1996 and continues to lead the way in truck bed liners and other great vehicle accessories.

From liners, coatings, window tint, PPF film, and vinyl wraps, Scorpion is a one-stop shop for everything you need to enhance your vehicle and customize your ride. Working with Scorpion is a wild adventure as they are always innovating, offering new products, and trying new things. C2IT has enjoyed the opportunity to partner with them and help them expand their reach through e-commerce.

Swing by their site and see some of their unique offerings today!


Once Upon a Goldendoodle –

Follow Sadie in her new book series, Once Upon a Goldendoodle, and you will experience the fun and joy of living life through a dog’s eyes!

Once Upon a Goldendoodle is a series of books following the adventures of Sadie, a miniature goldendoodle who loves to go on walks and take rides in the car. These lovable books provide great reading and joy, but Sadie’s impact goes well beyond the pages of her books. While not technically an e-commerce site, C2IT enjoyed building the site, and they sell the books online through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. According to Terri Willard, “With the help of generous financial gifts from individuals like you, the Aaron Michael Willard Fund was able to support approximately 25 families with more than $15,000 in financial grants in 2022.” Terri encourages visitors this Christmas to give Once Upon a Goldendoodle books, and to make an impact by sharing an end-of-the-year gift with the Aaron Michael Willard Fund, easily found on the site.

Terri says “The best part of working with C2IT has been the employees. Chet and his team have been amazing not only in the work product they provide, but in the care and concern they put forth in making the OUAGD website the best site ever.” Be sure to swing by their site today!



In conclusion, this post highlights just a few of our partners making great things and selling them online. C2IT Consulting has a rich history of creating robust, well-designed, and purposeful websites that allow their customers to do more business online.

Would you be interested in partnering with C2IT and becoming an e-commerce partner? Perhaps this time next year, we could be highlighting your company and the great growth that your company has experienced by moving business online!