We are so happy to introduce you to the newest member of our Development Team – Adam Thompson, Solutions Architect and Senior Developer. Adam is a born and raised Hoosier. Growing up, he recalls days of detasseling corn, baling hay, and helping care for pigs. He graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Computer Technology. 

Adam brings with him a lot of great experience working for both small and large businesses. One of his favorite projects he’s been able to work on in his career has been when he spent 10 years developing from scratch a large integration system for a merchandising company that could handle over a million dollars worth of orders in a single weekend as well as all orders and product synchronization with over 30 websites. 

Working there demanded the skills of a business analyst, a project manager, managing 24/7 support, mobile software development to working with every facet of the business, order taking, order fulfilment, to inventory management.”

As for what he hopes to bring to his time at C2IT, he’s said:

Creating software requires a diverse set of skills, from thinking logically, translating what people want from the software into code the smartphone and computer can understand. In addition to bringing more capacity to deliver value to our clients, I hope to bring my focus on the behind-the-scenes business processes needed to deliver timely and quality software to our client’s business needs.”

Even in his short time here so far, he has done just that. By putting his knowledge of analysis, design, programming, and software requirements and support into his work, he’s had an immediate impact on our client’s projects. As a solutions architect, he does a great job putting together processes that keep the technical vision of our projects on target and moving forward with the client’s vision of the end goal in mind. 

Outside of work, Adam enjoys spending time with his family. He and his wife Connie are helping to raise 2 of their 5 grandchildren. Connie and Adam enjoy unwinding by watching sci-fi shows like the original Star Trek. Adam is also a big Chicago Blackhawks fan.

In my short time with C2IT, I have truly enjoyed working with everyone in the company. Each person is committed to doing the best possible job for our clients, helping each other and looking for ways to give back to the community.

Welcome to the team, Adam!