Are you still looking for a Christmas gift for a techie on your list? We asked our team members for hits and misses for tech gifts. 

Their hits in low to high prices are: 

  • Amazon Gift Card – It’s basic but they will get exactly what they want. 
  • Fun wireless mouse – There are lots of options here and price points, but most are inexpensive stocking stuffers. You can get mice that are race cars, animals, bugs, and even fun blinged-out versions. 
  • Bluetooth speaker, earbuds, or headphones – Again, you can get these in a wide range of price points, but you can find quality ones inexpensively and put them in their stocking if they are small enough. You could go big and get a Bluetooth tailgater. 
  • Apple Airtag Trackers – These are a great option for those that are prone to losing their phone, remote, wallet, keys, you name it. They run roughly $30 and require the user to have an Apple device. 
  • Cell phone – This one had our team split down hard party lines. We have those devoted to iPhone and those equally devoted to Android. So know which party line your gift recipient is on.  
  • 3D Printer – Another great out-of-the-box idea for the creative techie on your list. It would be nice to throw in some supplies to get them started, too.  
  • iPad – Even our Android phone users are fans of iPads. There are a variety of sizes and styles available. If you want to save some money, look at one that is not the latest generation. You’ll still get a good device.
  • MacBook – This one was a little controversial with our team as some members considered a MacBook a total miss. Again, know who you are buying for. Maybe the recipient would prefer a good old HP. 

Their misses in no particular order: 

  • A gift that they’d never use – In doubt, go with the gift card.  
  • iPhone  
  • MacBook 
  • Echo Dot – They probably already have one if they wanted it. 
  • Security cameras – They’ll want to pick out the one that specifically meets their needs.  
  • Beanies with Bluetooth speakers – Just because.