Northern Lights is a utility locating company in Plainfield that we at C2IT have a long-standing relationship with. Our relationship with them began with helping them get off the ground by building their IT infrastructure and has evolved into writing software to satisfy the day to day needs of their business through multiple business growth cycles and technology platforms. We have been in business with Northern Lights for nearly two decades now and want to take a moment to highlight the work that we do with them and to show our gratitude and appreciation for their loyalty and continued business.

Northern Lights processes massive amounts of information each day and while the initial software that we wrote for them was doing the job, they needed a cost-effective way to streamline and modernize it. We got to work building them an app that would solve the challenges that they were facing, both long-standing obstacles and newly discovered opportunities. The mobile app that we developed for Northern Lights is a tool that is to be used by all members of their workforce. All jobs that Northern Lights receive are put onto “tickets.” These tickets can be viewed and accessed by anyone to see the details. The tickets can tell you location, notes on the job, requirements, and status of the job, who is assigned to and working on it, and much more. Using a mobile app for these processes allows the employees to tap into the built-in functionality of the camera, GPS, and online mapping. These tickets streamline all of the data going into each job and allows for easier communication between the Northern Lights team. At any time, the status of a job can be checked on, notes and questions can be added to a ticket, and team members can even take pictures directly in the app and slot them right into the ticket. When this level of detailed and organized data is at your fingertips information flows smoothly allowing for a more efficient and profitable workday.

There are many features on the app other than what is provided through the ticket feature. This is a map feature that shows the entire network of information that Northern Lights has. It pulls up a map of your desired destination, similar to the mass market GPS app on your phone, and it can show anyone from Northern Lights all of the relevant data that the company has entered in on the app. They can edit, update, and completely revamp any part of the map when they need to make changes when they come across errors, or update new information altogether. By themselves, these features are great value-adds, but when put together, it creates a comprehensive data management system That the company cannot live without. The tickets can also display the work zone for any given job on a map. This way the worker can see all the information they need, they know the size and area of what work needs to be done, and also conveniently enough they have the location on a map right there in front of them to make getting to the worksite that much easier.

Our goal in this next step of our relationship with Northern Lights was to develop an app for them that continues to provide all the services they originally needed, as well as to expand upon, streamline, and modernize all those services to make the day to day operations of Northern lights smoother and simpler. Once again we wanted to echo that after 17 years spent doing business in our partnership with Northern lights, how grateful, appreciative, and honored we are that they have remained such loyal partners and have continued to choose C2IT to provide them the IT services and software that they need to make their business a successful one. We love getting to tackle new projects with our clients. if the work we’ve done with Northern Lights is interesting to you and there’s something similar you see adding value to your business please let us know. You can always reach us through our number at (317) 721-2248, or at our website,, we look forward to working with you!