You could drive past Scorpion Coatings’ offices in Cloverdale, IN a thousand times and never know the impact that those buildings have had on the world. Scorpion was started in the mid-’90s with a mission to make applying bed liners economically accessible to auto dealers and body shops. They’ve since grown into an international brand that provides arguably the best protective coating in the world. Scorpion’s XO2 system was designed in collaboration with Purdue University researchers and private chemists to create a bed liner system that could be applied economically for smaller shops that couldn’t justify investing $50,000 or more in the necessary equipment. Today, X02 is used to ensure safety and durability on ambulances, fire trucks, military vehicles, and still your dad’s pickup. Though X02 was designed for economical application quality was never compromised. Throughout its history, Scorpion Coatings has been the preferred vendor for seven of the world’s ten largest ambulance manufacturers.

Scorpion Coatings is a growing and ever-evolving company. X02 remains their flagship product, but their commitment to quality and customer service has fueled their growth. They now have seven divisions including commercial & industrial, marine coatings, residential, and auto accessories. What really fueled this growth was quality and service. Car dealerships and body shops came to Scorpion for X02 and ultimately wanted to work with the Scorpion Coatings team as much as possible. Scorpion began expanding their offerings to meet the needs of those it served. Growth brought new opportunities. Through the vision of CEO, Clayton Tomasino, Scorpion Coatings leaned into technology early to expand and support Scorpion’s ability to reach and serve more people.

C2IT joined Scorpion’s journey in 2019 to add enhanced e-commerce functionality to their line of Paint Protective Film. Scorpion saw the opportunity to provide superior customer service through an e-commerce option. We started by building the new e-commerce website,, that could be expanded over time to include all of their products. We built a custom integration that enables customers to easily shop for and purchase Scorpion’s Paint Protective Film. Simply by inputting the year, make, model, and trim of your car, the integration provides all the options available for your car. Once we’d completed that project, the Scorpion team found the integration so valuable that they chose to have developed it into a fully functioning WordPress Plugin so other companies could use it directly on their site. At C2IT we love working with innovative clients who trust us with opportunities to learn new things. So we rolled up our sleeves and built our very first WordPress plugin, the Scorpion PPF Product Extension. Since completion, the plugin has 10 active installations, meaning Scorpion has expanded the online presence of their PPF product line 10x by making it easy for their dealer network to integrate the plugin into their websites.

As our relationship has developed we are now grateful to manage and update all of Scorpion Coatings’ websites. They’ve developed several websites through the years to provide different products and features to their customers. We helped consolidate all of their websites into the same hosting and management plan. We also revived the website for their fantastic DIY products, Al’s Liners, which has increased sales. It’s fantastic to get to do innovative work and help Scorpion Coatings do more with technology. To learn more and see their full offering visit