One of our core values at C2IT is loyal partnerships, and our ongoing relationship with Daum Trucking is a great example of a meaningful, proactive, trust-based connection that we’ve chosen to highlight this month in our newsletter. C2IT has had the pleasure of partnering with Daum Trucking in a variety of ways over the years, from IT services to server projects to website design. We asked Darla Griffey of Daum Trucking to answer some questions regarding our relationship, and we’d love for you to learn more about what they do and also about how C2IT has served them over the years.


Tell us a little about your organization – what does Daum do and how does it serve the world around us?

Daum Trucking Inc is a long haul truckload trucking company that hauls truckloads of stuff for corporate companies.  We haul medicine and produce along with many other items for customers like MD Logistics, Eli Lily, Elanco, UPS and Indianapolis Fruit.


What makes Daum unique? What are some creative ways you stand out from other similar businesses?

We are a third generation family owned business that takes care in the employees we hire and the equipment we have.


Why is technology such an important part of what you do, and how has C2IT helped your technology achieve your goals?

Technology is important in our daily operations from dispatching our drivers, monitoring our drivers’ hours of work, fueling our trucks, and paying our employees.  C2IT has been able to keep our services up and running and provided us with our server and networking in our office so our employees can utilize our software and email services.  Basically, C2IT keeps our office running.


I know we’ve shared a long partnership. What do you appreciate about the team at C2IT and how they worked with you?

I appreciate the way C2IT has all our information together and they are aware of what we have and how it works.  Also there the employees at C2IT are personal to our account and know what we need and how we are work.  They are educated on our location from the time they come in to help with our needs.  They are not just a technician coming to do a job and have no idea how we operate.


Our 4 values are Loyal Partnerships, Attentive Discovery, Economic Value, and Cohesive Teamwork – can you cite specific examples of where you saw these values play out?

Yes when we need help, C2IT is there to figure out what needs to be done.  Not only do they fix problems, but they let us know what is going on and what needs to be done to improve on our current system.  And if the problem is something urgent, they are there to help. When they can schedule it for a time when it’s convenient, they are prompt and stick to the time coordinated.  One time, C2IT knew our internet service was out before we even knew it.   They came to our office to see what the problem was before we could get a call out to them. C2IT has also monitored our equipment and let us know when it was a good time for an upgrade of all of our computers.  This was really the start of our relationship with C2IT.  They installed and have kept our equipment running for years, and now they are recommending the new and updated equipment we need to keep our network running smoothly.


We are truly honored to be part of the Daum success story, and we’re excited about attacking the future together with them.