Recently, we’ve been highlighting the different facets of the C2IT Team and giving a glimpse into what it looks like to work with each piece of our full-service organization. Today, we want to share what it looks like to work with our Website / Content Management Team.

Every great organization needs a great website. Statistically, 76% of consumers will explore your online presence before they ever physically visit. Nearly half of consumers are likely to visit an organization’s physical location if they find a strong online presence. Studies also show that the design of the website can play a major role in a consumer’s perception of the quality of the organization they are checking out. In short, your website is your front door.

C2IT Consulting has a rich history of creating modern, custom, and eye-catching websites. From smaller one-page marketing websites to attract new customers to robust e-commerce platforms, we love working with organizations to create a strong online presence.


So What Does it Look Like to Work with C2IT’s Web Team?

  • Discovery – We are committed to attentive discovery as one of our core values. Our team will meet with you to determine what your goals are, to learn more about your organization, and to explore what your dream website would look like and how it would tell your story to the world.
  • Customizations – As we discover your dreams, we may find that you need something specific from your web presence. Maybe it’s a form, a tool for your consumers to use, or as complex as a backend connection to your Customer Relationship Management software. Whatever it may be, we will explore what you might need to make your website do exactly what you need it to do.
  • Assessment / Proposal – Once we have all the information from the Discovery, we work as a team to identify the best path forward to ensure your website will accomplish your goals. Throughout this process, we seek to provide great economic value to our customers.
  • Communication / Site Construction – Once we begin, communication is key to the construction of your website. You know your business far better than we do, so we rely on your communication to best tell your story. Our Project Manager will stay in constant contact as we build your site, making sure you love what you see every step of the way.
  • Launch – Once we’ve got your site ready, we’ll take your website public to the world and use our knowledge to help people find you online.
  • Support and Care – We don’t just hand off your site and wish you the best. We offer budget-friendly Customer Care Plans that ensure your site is secure, up-to-date, and optimized. We also offer plans that allow you to just email or drop new content, photos, and posts, and we handle the rest.



Are you interested in a loyal partnership with a company that wants you to succeed online? Give us a holler and let’s start your next web project today!