When It Comes To IT and Accounting, Boring Is Beautiful

What is more compelling than an article about IT and accounting? Watching grass grow or paint dry? Probably. Following headlines about an epic technology failure or a financial scandal is definitely more exciting. But not when it works. Technology and accounting are similar in many ways. For each, there are best practices. There are legal standards and certifications to be met. Most people don’t care how it works, just that it works. Until that is, it stops working. Only when the headlines start flying do you wonder what’s going with your IT provider or your accountant. Do you know what’s not exciting? Reading about two companies that work together to do the right thing consistently. But when you zoom out and look at the larger body of work it can be pretty thrilling.

RKW Builds On Accountability

Rhodes Knisley William LLP was founded in 1990 by Mark Rhodes. And like any good accountant, they’ve been growing diligently ever since. In 2008 Kelli Knisley joined Mark to form Rhodes & Knisley LLP. And in 2017 Karen Williams was elected Partner forming Rhodes Knisely Williams LLP. This takes us back to how thrilling accounting and IT are when you look at the larger body of work and the critical impact each has. It is almost impossible to stress how critical good accounting is. Probably because most people don’t want to think about the disaster that bad accounting causes. But as a business leader, there is nothing you interact with more regularly than your finances. Simply stepping into your office represents an expense, be it a lease payment, mortgage, or the capital invested to build. Or attending a work meeting represents the companies payroll investment in the employees. When you’re in businesses finances are all around you.

Technology is similar. Anytime you log onto your work computer or access your work email via your phone someone has set that up and should be monitoring it. Like a good accountant, the real work is going on behind the scenes. We’re evaluating your wifi network to ensure only the right people can access critical documents. We’re keeping servers up to date and accounts secure so when you log in you can get what you need without concern about who else might be able to. These are just a few of the areas that we’ve helped RKW maintain security and compliance in their technology needs. We love getting to work with RKW because they get it. Their attention to detail and expertise in accounting shows in their approach to technology. They know that there’s no replacement for trusted relationships in business and life.

New Tools Built On Long Term Relationships

We began working with RKW in 2017 and helped bring another level of security to their technology infrastructure. Recently we helped upgrade their servers to ensure their data is well stored and thoroughly backed up. To ensure that we can quickly assess any issues that do come up we also set up a Virtual Private Network so we can securely access their servers to perform any needed service. While getting the technical infrastructure right is important to proactively avoid issues, there’s no such thing as no maintenance. Especially when it comes to a business like RKW. Tax season is crunch time and technology issues simply aren’t an option. That’s why we guarantee enhanced support to RKW during tax season to ensure they have the resources they need to get their work done.

IT and accounting may not be the most exciting topic to write about. Maybe we’re biased (okay, we’re definitely biased) but they’re definitely two of the most important.