One of C2IT’s core values is “loyal partnerships.” We love partnering with businesses and organizations to help them achieve more with technology than they ever thought possible, and we love to help a company evolve as they grow and the marketplace changes.

JDH is a well-known, reputable business in the Plainfield area. We have had a long, loyal relationship with JDH Contracting and their sister company, Northern Lights. Through the many years we’ve served them we’ve enjoyed watching and helping them grow as a company. Most recently we had the opportunity to take their Employee Incident Form and Safety Audit Form and convert them to digital forms. Previously only available to fill out on paper, we set out to recreate both forms while still being able to include some additional features that they wanted. We were able to include spots for multiple signatures and the ability to go back and edit entries so signatures or other items could be added in later. We also added “List” fields which allow the form filler to click a + button to keep adding lines to submit as much additional information as was needed. To keep the forms organized, we added conditional logic so that some fields would only show when certain conditions were met. Lastly, there are several spots where the user is able to upload images as needed. All of these changes were aimed at helping JDH become more nimble and organized so they could better accomplish the tasks they love doing.

With that end in mind, our goal was to make the forms able to be easily filled out from the field on a mobile device. Pair that with reducing the amount of physical paperwork JDH now has to deal with, and you have a successful implementation of a project.

When our clients win, we consider that a success!