C2IT values loyal partnerships. Relationships are central to our work, and we are honored to work with many great clients and incredible organizations. From time to time, we like to highlight these organizations to share what makes them great and also the value C2IT can bring to our relationships with our clients.

Recently, we began working with American Aqua Solutions to build them a brand new website. While their old site was chock full of great content, it needed a fresh design and a more intuitive user experience to maximize their outcomes. Their new website, www.americanaquasolutions.com, just recently went live, and we asked Jacob Bills, founder of American Aqua Solutions, some questions about their business and what it was like working with C2IT Consulting on this project.



Tell us a little about your business – what does AAS do and how do you serve your customers?

“American Aqua Solutions is a water and air purification team that serves the greater Indianapolis area.  We are locally owned and operated and Certified through the Water Quality Association.  We provide wellness solutions with water softeners, drinking systems, filtration systems, and air purifiers as well.  American Aqua Solutions will provide premium, affordable, & sustainable wellness solutions that you can trust.  We treat you and your wellness right!!!”


What makes you stand out from other companies in your same line of work?

“We pride ourselves on providing excellent quality equipment solutions at fair prices while providing great service and a great contractor experience.”


In your business, how important is your website to your success? What was your catalyst for having C2IT design a new site for you?

“I think that a website is vital for any business.  This is the “online billboard” for a business.  The better looking and functional a site is, the overall customer experience will be much better. We felt it was time for an update, and I have known some of the C2IT crew for awhile, so after a few meetings and reviewing their previous work, I decided to give them a shot.”


From the first conversation to the final go-live moment, what was the experience like working with C2IT? What did you notice that you appreciated about the team at C2IT and how they worked with you?

“C2IT was very thorough and responsive.  They walked me through the entire process and made everything very simple to understand.  They listened well and gave great advice too.”


Our 4 values are Loyal Partnerships, Attentive Discovery, Economic Value, and Cohesive Teamwork – can you cite specific examples of where you saw these values play out?

“The Attentive Discovery was obvious from the beginning.  They made sure to really “dive deep” into the business and business goals to ensure a clean and user friendly site.  The Economic Value is good as well with the many different services that they offer…it really is a “One Stop Shop”.  I also really appreciated the Cohesive Teamwork.  C2IT has many different people that specialize in specific digital areas/tasks.  This is helpful because it provides a deep and thorough expertise across the industry.”


How do you feel about your new website and ongoing relationship with C2IT?

“I am excited to grow this relationship and even more excited about the new website.  They did a great job!!!  Check out www.AmericanAquaSolutions.com to verify.”

We are excited about the ongoing partnership with AAS and look forward to seeing how their new website helps their business continue to move forward.