Let’s explore five key benefits of working with a full-service website company. There’s no shortage of website provider offerings. You’ve got everything from full-scale marketing agencies to freelancers working a side hustle. So let’s first define Full Service Website Company. A full-service website company provides the design, development, management, ongoing support,  and optimization of your organization’s website. Therefore, it requires significant technical skill and organizational stability to provide consistent service.

1. Support and Maintenance

Your website will need theme and plug-in updates. While many updates can be automated, they may have negative impacts if not manually monitored. A professional designer will be familiar with your site and able to resolve unexpected issues that do come up. Although the work of supporting and maintaining a website is less alluring than the creative process of building a new website, it is a vital step in getting long-term benefits from your website.

2. Technical Proficiency

Your organization’s ability to leverage your site is directly connected to your website provider’s ability to do technical work. Some ways are creating web portals, e-commerce, or marketing opt-in material. Most web designers can provide some form of these. If you’ve reached a point in your business that you need these features, the level of sophistication and security necessary will require some more technical and experienced development work.

3. Bigger Toolbox

Modern technology provides numerous ways to solve many problems. But a single person can only do so much. In web design, we have to choose certain tools to become most proficient with. A professional website designer working with a team will be able to leverage different skills and the tools required of multiple individuals.

4. Industry Standard

DIY website builders like Wix have made it easier to get a website started today. Over time the demands on professional web design have risen and with it so have consumer expectations of what a website can offer. For example, mobile-friendly was once a perk; now it’s an expectation. But that doesn’t mean it’s easier to accomplish (it’s actually harder). There are also the less attractive parts of a website like security, certification, and hosting. A full-service website company will use a more advanced hosting option, like WP Engine, which helps with all these things.

5. Analytics and Website Optimization

This isn’t just about SEO. Site traffic is good. But without regular analysis of user behavior on your website, you’re missing opportunities to better engage with your visitors. As a result, you may be undervaluing certain pages and overvaluing others. Regular reviews of your site traffic and proper setup of your website analytics is a value that can’t be ignored.

One of the biggest reasons to use a pro is that you’re going to pay one way or another – read this article by Elegant Themes to learn more on that. You should pay for something great. 

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