One would rightly assume that working as a part of a successful IT company like C2IT comes with its share of pressures and deadlines. Between the support tickets, emails, web updates, security patches, and new business opportunities, there is always something to do or some way to pitch in and help out.

C2IT values the team and the intricate balance between time management and team culture. As a new employee, I’ve enjoyed seeing firsthand how the growing team has leaned into the balance of fun and function. In my short time at C2IT, we’ve had lots of laughs. There is a levity that exists that builds trust and connectedness among the team. Our team participated in a golf outing, some playing and some meeting potential clients in the tent we set up. We’ve started our Fantasy Football season together and enjoyed the gloating and ribbing that ultimately ensues. As a team, we took an afternoon to attend an Indianapolis Indians baseball game. We’ve even played a team game of Balderdash during one of our team check-ins with a Chick-Fil-A gift card on the line.

The aforementioned activities may not show up on the ledger sheet, but they do accomplish an important goal. All of these fun activities remind us that, though our work is important, there is even more to life than what we do. As the old saying goes, “all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy.” What a joy to be part of a team that values hard work AND a joyful culture.