C2IT has been in a state of growth over the past year. Since we’ve started actively pursuing clients for our Web Design team, we’ve found ourselves needing to consider adding a new team member.  At the time, we weren’t sure if we needed another full-time person or simply a part-time person to get us rolling, so in addition to posting the position on job boards, we also posted it on internship sites.  

In July of 2022, Jesse reached out to Chet on LinkedIn expressing his interest in our Content Management Position. Jesse was going to be in his last semester of college in the fall and was looking for an internship during that time period. Jesse’s background, schedule, and desires for the future were an excellent fit for us and the position we were hoping to fill. We needed a team member to help with the “grunt work” of content updates to sites we manage but would also be able to fill opportunities from time to time that would serve well as educational and real-life application of technologies Jesse had been learning about at school. 

Since starting, Jesse has hit the ground running. He’s been able to learn tasks from two different team members, and we’ve been able to transition the responsibilities of performing site maintenance and updating site content entirely to him in just a few short weeks. He’s now the go-to team member for quick and accurate website updates and is known personally by several of our clients. 

We’ve had some opportunities for him to explore other front-end coding and web design work, and each time he dives into these with willingness and offers his own input when we encounter something he has experience with from school. 

Jesse is on track to graduate in December with a double major in Informatics and Media Arts and Science. We’re excited to explore the opportunity to continue having him as a member of our team.