Over the past 5 months, I’ve shared our vision and 4 core values of Attentive Discovery, Loyal Partnerships, Economic Value, and today, Cohesive Teamwork. It’s fitting that teamwork comes in at the end of another year as it’s a time many of us try to take a moment to sit back and reflect before we go charging into the new year.

Cohesive Teamwork wasn’t a core value at C2IT until 2018 when we revisited our strategic plan for the upcoming 4 years. Until this point in our history, teamwork wasn’t something we had to be all that intentional about – it was mainly just Joe and I. What began as a co-worker relationship had evolved into as much of a partnership as it could in an environment like ours, but when we started adding team members beyond the two of us, a “culture” began to emerge. As we added a developer and then later Megan and Andrew within days of each other as our in-house designer and IT support specialist, we began to see that it was important to be intentional about working together. No longer could we just check-in “by default” every morning – things like team meetings, stand-ups, and Christmas parties would now be something we’d have to make happen.

As we’ve added others to our team and even seen a couple move on to new adventures, C2IT’s culture has continued to evolve. I’m currently the only one on our team with kids in local schools, but the value of work/life balance is still ultra important to our team, even as what takes up our time outside the office changes. COVID has certainly thrown a mix into this as well, but our leadership team has come together to make sure we stay in touch with those who get the real work done around here, and we’re excited to see how well we’ve come to mesh together despite not knowing what the future will hold.

This month’s newsletter takes a look at one of our newest clients, the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office and 911 Center. We chose this client not because it’s flashy and prominent, but because it’s a new relationship and we are engaging with the opportunity to build a strong foundation in the relationship-focused on shared values between our organization and theirs. I hope you enjoy this content, and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!