Meet Jonathan


Purdue School of Science


Indianapolis, IN

Jonathan joined C2IT in July of 2024, bringing a great deal of enthusiasm and experience to the job. Having worked for a number of large companies in the past, Jonathan has switched gears to a role that requires the wearing of many hats. With a strong background in data science and .NET development, he has also taken up the mantle of DevOps developer to bring solutions to allow for more efficient support infrastructure for C2IT clients.

Jonathan graduated from IUPUI in 2016 with a degree in Computer and Information Science and has grown to enjoy mentoring and guiding more junior developers in best practices and clean code.

Being a native Hoosier, Jonathan delights in the state, especially the forests and hills of souther and central Indiana. Hen enjoys gardening, hiking, and is leaning to be an amateur blacksmith. He has two grandchildren who he refers to as “perfection incarnate,” and loves playing video games with his granddaughter.


Since every individual is accountable ultimately to the self, the formation of that self demands our utmost care and attention.

Frank Herbert

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