IT Client

Westfield Outdoors

Our Story

Westfield Outdoors was founded in 2004 with a focus and commitment on helping customers develop and maintain successful outdoor product portfolios for consumers who enjoy an active lifestyle. We have been partnering with Westfield Outdoors for over 9 years to keep their IT Infrastructure up to date and running smoothly. 

Our Goals

Day to Day Support

Provide on-demand support for Westfield Outdoor’s IT needs.

Wi-Fi Projects

Complete various Wi-Fi related installations, upgrades, and maintenance.

The Process

Day to Day Support

  • When we first took over Westfield Outdoors, they had a lot of infrastructure and hardware that was not standardized. 
  • We have worked to get them and keep them standardized.  
  • We have a great working relationship with a key contact that keeps things efficient (Dave Fiscus). 
  • We maintain the server, the network and other IT Infrastructure that is in place. 
  • We manage backups, Email, Antivirus, and other key components to make sure users data and day to day processes are protected 
  • We also help with any other issues that arise, or any IT innovation they are looking to complete. 


Wi-Fi Projects

  • We have done a couple of different WIFI projects for Westfield, the first one was at their Main Office when we first began partnering with them. This included putting access points throughout the office to give them Wi-Fi coverage throughout their building. 
  • The second one was when they built a new warehouse. We helped design the network and decide where the access points would be placed. This included a Site-to-Site VPN with their Main Office so that the Warehouse would be connected to the Main Office.  
  • We also installed new Access Points in the Main Office to replace the End-of-Life Access Points that we originally put in. 

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