IT Client

Westfield Outdoors

Westfield Outdoors was founded in 2004 through a commitment for helping retailers develop and maintain successful programs for consumers who enjoy an active lifestyle in all facets of life. They work in primary categories such as camping, hunting, fishing and patio furniture. They also have vast experience in beach products, team sports, marine, back-to-school and many more. Their ultimate goal is to provide the best value, latest technology and highest quality products in the active-lifestyle market.

Our Services

We help Westfield with all of their day to day IT needs. This can be a wide range of things from helping someone connect to a VPN to remote support for any IT related needs. Any time Westfield has a new computer that needs set up, we help them with that as well. Additionally we handle things like renewing licenses so that Westfield doesn’t have to worry about any of their softwares expiring.

We also set up all of our clients with antivirus protection and cloud backups. We can also set up monitoring agents on all computers which will tell us the second an issue is detected so that we may fix it expeditiously. 

Other Recent Works
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