Website Design

The Diecast Pub

Our Story

The Diecast Pub is a part of Greenlight Collectibles as a way for them to sell their diecast models online. The diecast Pub has been a client for over 5 years.

Our Goals

Update Design

Bring a fresher look to the site.

Remove Forums

Remove the outdated forums that were no longer seeing use.

Ease of Use

Streamline the process to purchase items online through the site.

Add News Area

Create a place for news and other blog posts to be showcased.

The Process

Updating the Design

We received a homepage mockup from the client and using that we worked on refreshing the design for the whole website. 

Out with the Old Forums

We removed the forums section that wasn’t really being used. 

Improving the User Experience

To ensure the customer had a good experience purchasing on the website, we used WooCommerce to build the e-commerce component. This included the ability to add products either individually or in a batch as well as a seamless checkout process and an account where signed-up users can see their order history, save addresses and credit cards, and edit all their account info. 

Hear All About It!

We also set up a News and Announcements page for them that they could add to from the backend with the WordPress Posts function. We set the posts to also share on their homepage. 

Photo Gallery

Check out these screenshots of the final product!

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