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CSU Inc.

Our Story

CSU Inc has been in business since 1989 and maintains a strong commitment to integrity and meeting the needs of their customers. They can meet your needs in a wide variety of infrastructure construction services. In 2019, we began partnering with CSU to help with day-to-day IT needs and to help modernize their technology systems and infrastructure. 

Our Goals

Email Migration Project (2019)

Migrate CSU’s email from GoDaddy to a more modern email application.

Wi-Fi Enhancement Project (2020)

Set up a Wi-Fi network that reaches throughout the building/shop.

Server/NAS Project and Cleanup Network Closet (2022)

Migrate to a new server, move user files, set up a new network attacheed storage, and clean up the network closet.

The Process

Email Migration Project (2019)

CSU was using a GoDaddy hosted email that was not reliable for them. Users were not able to sync email across multiple devices. We migrated them to Microsoft 365 which includes a business class email system that met their needs and alleviated the issues they were having with their other email system. We also provided users with email if they did not have it with the email hosting they were using before.  


Wifi Enhancement Project (2020) 

We installed multiple access points throughout the office space and their shop area to give them continuous, high-quality Wi-Fi access no matter where they went in their facility. Before this they were just using a Wi-Fi router that would only cover a couple of offices.  


Server/NAS/Network Cleanup Project (2022) 

The server they were using was an older server that had been updated to a current operating system and was running out of storage space. We also moved their user files to the new server and set up roaming profiles so that they can sign into any computer on the network and have their files. This also helps keep user files backed up.

As we progressed through this project, we discovered remnants of an old server that was removed before we became partners. We were able to remove those and continue forward with the project. They also had an older NAS that needed replaced so we replaced it with a new NAS that will store backups with plenty of storage for room to grow in the future.

CSU’s network room had a variety of old equipment that was difficult to understand. With a new server rack and moving the new equipment to that rack we started helping them organize the network closet and will continue doing so. 

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