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Clayton Library

Our Story

Clayton Library is located in Liberty Township in Clayton, IN. Founded in 1929, the first library collection contained approximately 500 books, obtained through donations. The original library served area residents for over sixty years from a small former bank building. They have been a client of ours for over 5 years

Our Goals

Host On WordPress

Move the Wix site to WordPress for better control over content and design.

Update Branding

Create a new logo and branded colors.

Improve Usability

Include easy to find/use resources for patrons.

The Process

Host On WordPress

We worked with Clayton Library on several different logo designs. They initially wanted to incorporate a triangle in some manner to pay homage to the origianl founders of the library: the Delphian Society. We tried several versions, but nothing was clicking for them, so we tossed that idea and tried a few others, landing on using the C and L as bookends for books with the three main colors of the site. 

Update Branding

Clayton Library provided excellent examples of what they wanted for their new colors. 

Improve Usability

We added a blog so they could keep adding fresh content and moved their calendar of events away from a Google Calendar and onto the Events Calendar within their website. 

New things we added were specific areas for Kids, Teens, and Adults. These each have specific content and resources for each age group. 

The catalog is an area we really focused on making easy to use and including a variety of resources. There is now a search bar where they can start a search for a book within the website and be taken to the Library’s catalog page on Evergreen.  

Photo Gallery

Check out these screenshots of the final product!

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