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Banning Engineering

Our Story

Jeff Banning founded Banning Engineering in 1994 with the vision to create an organization that would represent his values, character, and passion. They’ve been in business for over 25 years and do work in a variety of areas including site development, stormwater resources, survey, water & sanitary sewer, economic development, construction services, recreation & quality of life, and transportation. It was always a goal of Chet’s to partner with them on their technology needs as they are prominent figures in Plainfield and do a lot for the community. Their business model and mission closely resemble what Chet strives for with his own business.

Our Goals

Update the Design

Give the site a fresh, updated look with places for media like images, drone footage, and newsletter posts.

Civic Engagement

Create a place to highlight civic engagement, which is an important part of the company.


Update the Testimonials section and highlight client businesses as well as employees.

Organize Markets

Create individual pages for each of their Markets where related projects and photos can be added.

The Process

Updating the Design

Banning already had a couple of colors in use – their blue and their green – however to give us some additional creative options, we added secondary and tertiary colors to their color palette. Since their primary colors are fairly dark, we employed the use of a lot of white space to help make everything feel fresh and up to date.

Drone Footage

We worked with Banning staff to get a compilation of drone footage. This would be going on the homepage and be the first thing you saw when going to the website. This would give a nice snapshot of their work right off the bat to anyone coming to the site. We were also able to use additional footage on specific project pages.


For the testimonials, we again employed the use of video – hosted on YouTube so it wouldn’t slow their website down.

Civic Engagement

When it came to Civic Engagement, we wanted to provide Banning with a way to continually add to the section without needing to do a lot of editing each time. For this we made use of WordPress Posts. Now they are able to keep adding to their civic engagement area without needing to delete previous posts. Each post allows for text, photos, and video to be added.

Monthly Newsletter

We also made use of Posts for adding their monthly newsletter articles to their website.

Photo Gallery

Check out these screenshots of the final product!

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