3 Reasons Your Seasonal Business Needs A Website

When your business is only open a few months a year, or even just a few weeks, a professional website may seem like overkill. In some industries you may not need a website. In others it might be critical. Here are three reasons your seasonal business needs a website.

Reason Number One Your Seasonal Business Needs A Website: Reliable Hours Of Operation

Nothing is more aggravating for customers than guessing whether a business is open or not. When customers don’t frequent your business they want to be confident that you’re still in business from one season to the next. And when they do commit to visiting your business it will be open when they expect it to be.

Modern consumers want to do their own research. Rather than make a phone call to learn more about your business, potential customers will move on to the next option or abandon the search for your goods or services all together.

Reason Number Two: Year Round Marketing

Even though your business may be seasonal your marketing shouldn’t be. A high performing website is one of the most cost effective ways to engage with potential customers. You don’t need to go crazy in the offseason. But, a fresh blog post every few weeks about improvements you’re making or new products you’re exploring go a long way to retain customers.

Reason Number Three: Harvest While You Can

Because you’re in the seasonal business you know you need to maximize revenue during a specific time period. Maybe it’s Memorial Day through Labor Day. Or Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Whatever your time period, you’ve got to get people excited early. A website enables you to capture potential customers’ attention early and often. You can use simple forms on your website to capture email information and send important advertisements about upcoming activity. You can use that same mailing list to retarget your audience with new offerings once the initial rush has past. And you can plan for a midseason update of your website to promote the additional offerings to draw people back in for multiple visits during your working season.