We’d like to invite everyone to welcome our newest team member, Ryan Sullivan! Ryan is our point man for all new projects. If you’re ready to get started on a new business project, schedule a time to meet with him!

Ryan began his career doing program development for nonprofits before transitioning into technology. Throughout the years, he’s worked on everything from small budget projects to projects that had a sky’s-the-limit budget. He’s eager to use his knowledge and experiences to help organizations achieve more than they thought they could with technology.

In addition to his work, Ryan started the podcast Fatherhood on Fire. As a father of soon to be two, this passion project has a particular soft spot in his heart. He frequents the parks with his wife and daughter, usually with a stop at Milk and Honey afterwards. In his free time, Ryan loves running the trails in Plainfield and at Eagle Creek park, and in 2018 Ryan completed Ironman Louisville. You’ll almost always find him surrounded by friends or family, especially when a good BBQ is involved.